The New Lagos Tenancy Law: Who Does It Favor Most, The Landlord or the Tenant?


To get a law to regulate obligations and rights under construction arrangements and also the association among the Landlord and the tenant including the procedure for its retrieval of assumptions and to get other associated intentions in Lagos State.

General App
Inch. Software of Law
2. (1 ) ) This law will affect each of premises inside of Lagos State, for example residential and business assumptions unless differently given
(two ) This law will not apply :
(a) residential premises owned or run by an educational establishment for its staff and pupils;
(b) residential premises offered for emergency shield;
(do ) Residential premises
(Id ) in a maintenance or hospice center;
(ii) in a private or public hospital or even a mental wellness centre; and even
(d) that is made accessible the duration of providing rehabilitative or therapeutic treatment.

(1) A Court will have authority on application made to this from a landlord or landlord or some other interested individual to determine matters in regard to the statute of any premises granted prior or following the start of this Legislation.
(two ) The authority of a courtroom shall not be daunted from the suspect or respondent setting up the name of almost any other get together.
(3) Proceedings may be brought under this Law in the higher Court or in the Magistrates Court from the division or even the Magisterial District by the subject material giving rise to the proceedings is positioned.
(4) Subject to the provision of the Legislation, ” a Court will probably be bound from the clinic and process in civil matters in the Magistrates Court or the High Court of Lagos State.

3. Tenancy Contract
For the aims of the Law, a lien arrangement shall be deemed to exist at which premises are awarded with the landlord to a person for significance whether or not it is
(a) express or implied;
(b) oral or in school or partly oral or partially prepared; or even
(c) for a fixed interval.

4. Advance Rent
(1) It will be unlawful for a landlord or his representative to demand or receive from the sitting tenant rent at excess of three (3) weeks in respect of any premises.
(two ) It shall be legal for a sitting renter to pay or offer rent more than 3 (3) weeks with regard to any assumptions.
(3) Any man or woman who receives or cover rent over what is prescribed in this area shall be guilty of an offence and will be liable for a fine of 100 million naira (N100,000.00) or into three (3) weeks imprisonment or some additional non-custodial disposition.

5. Rent payment receipt
(1) As from the beginning of this Legislation, all of landlords of assumptions shall upon cost of rent by the tenants, be authorised to trouble an leasing payment reception with their own renters with regard to such payments.

(a) Date of which lease was obtained;
(b) Identify of this landlord and the renter ;
(c) Site of assumptions in respect of that the rent is paid
(d) Quantity of lease ; and
(e) Stage to which the payment changes.
(4) Any landlord who does not issue a rent payment receipt for his tenant as prescribed below this Section, will be accountable to a fine of 10 million Naira (N10,000.00) payable into the courtroom.

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